Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Dentist

The kids definitely did not inherit my dental phobia!  They were so excited that it was dentist day!  I dread it for two weeks before!  I was so happy that we went.  They did amazing.  Collin did so good that they even gave him a certificate for free cookie dough.  He was SO thrilled about that!  I laughed a little, because most dentists will just give you a sugar free sucker.   I can't believe that my kiddos are getting so big!  I am one proud mama!

Monday, January 9, 2012

So this is what sleeping feels like

On New Year's Eve this year, we took Kooper's Binkie away for good.  He helped us cut it up and throw it away.  I really did let him have it too long, but I just couldn't help myself, so enough was enough.  He handled the whole thing Very well, almost too well.  I should have known it was too good to be true!  
The First Night without it, he stayed up till almost 1 with the other kids!  He was playing so well, and having so much fun, that I figured what the heck.  Once everyone left and we got him in bed, he cried for 20 minutes before I just went in and rocked him to sleep.  I knew he was beyond tired and just needed some love.  
The next day at nap time, he cried for over an hour before crashing.  That night was 1 hour and 20 minutes.  This kept going for almost a week!  Then he comes down with Bronchiolitis, and most likely RSV (The Dr. didn't do the test because it wouldn't have changed the treatment.)  So for almost a week and a half, we have been having sleep issues, me and Kooper.  
In case anyone else needed reminding as much as I do, here is pictures of him actually sleeping!  Even if it is with a binks!
I am proud of myself that I stayed strong though, and we are STILL binkie free!  Go Kooper!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Angry Birds!

This is how they block the goal!  I love it!
I'm not sure what he is doing, but isn't he cute?
Collin and Alex.  This is how most of the game looks honestly!
Collin started soccer this last spring.  He loved it!  His team is called the Angry Birds!  He has two of his little friends on his team, Alex and Lincoln.  Alex's dad is the coach.  He is so patient with this crazy boys and we are so glad he is helping them.